My Best Sellers (international)  

'Tell the world about your book'

Following  the success of our 1st YouTube channel, My Classic Boat (2. 9 million viewers) we have launched our new channel, My Best Sellers.

It's for self published authors and small indie publishers  who want to tell the world about their books, on an exclusive platform used by like minded writers and publishers.

How to add your video to the channel.

Make a video that's no longer than 3 minutes. Tell the viewers, who you are, what your book is about and where they can buy it. That's it. Let us know the category your book falls into, for example, fiction, factual, historical, etc, etc and we'll add that to a front credit. We'll then place your video on the channel FREE of charge.

If you can't put together a complete video, then send us your video clips and any still photos you'd like to include and we'll put it together for you. But we'd have to charge you a minimum of £50 for production.

We'd also need up to 100 words for the introduction of your video on the channel. five key words for search engines and make sure you include a good photo of your book. See the sample below.

Remember when shooting your video  hold the camera or phone in the landscape position,  shoot it like it's a full TV screen. We won't use upright videos.

Next use the easy  and  free service offered by to send us the file/files  to 

Above: example of the credit we'd add to the front of your video and the shape to shoot your video. Do not hold the camera or phone in an up-right position.

For more info please phone Bob Aylott 07802 777373 or email

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