Photographer Bob Aylott F.R.P.S


Bob Aylott started in Fleet Street as a 15-year-old tea boy in 1964. Two years later he was hired as a photographer at the famous Keystone Press Agency and in 1968 was named British News Photographer of the Year. He joined the Daily Sketch and Daily Mail and then internationally-famous tabloid the National Enquirer where he was based in Hollywood.

He finally returned to London in 1987 and joined the Daily Star. He's covered assignments around the world and won numerous awards including Colour Sequence of the Year and a World Press Award for his prison photographs of notorious killer Charles Manson. He has been exhibited at The Photographers’ Gallery and the ICA in London. In 1972 and between jobs for the Daily Mail he spent most of that year recording  the down and outs in Covent Garden. 

His limited-edition hardback book The Six Days That Rocked the World about the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival, was a sell-out  and nominated for a book of the year award in 2010. In recent years he has concentrated on landscape and marine photography on the south coast of England and is regularly commissioned by Yachting Monthly magazine.

He lives in Fareham and sails his classic 1959 yacht Sassandra from the Creek.

 Bob Aylott, first photographer to reach the wreck of Morning Cloud 1974.

 India cholera refugee camp 1971

 Belfast 1969

                     Prince Charles 1973


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