For the first time you can acquire stunning one-off original prints from one of the country's top photographers. Photographs come in an edition of one. They are signed by the photographer and carry his fingerprint. It's this combination that guarantees you are buying a special image and that no future prints will be sold. Making photographs in our Fingerprint collection exclusive worldwide. Also, in a hand-written letter, the photographer will supply the image's DNA. That is the original file number and date and time in hours, minutes and seconds of exposure. The emotional attachment you have with the image now becomes even greater.

You can buy great images knowing they won't be found in high street shops, stock libraries or internet print-on-demand galleries. The fingerprint is the photographer's hallmark.        About Bob Aylott

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It's been 19 years in the making and at last it's almost ready. 263 pages of  Scoops - Scandals and Strife.

This book will be for private sales only (family/friends) and not on general sale.

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Covent Garden 1972.

In 1972 photographer Bob Aylott lived for a year in what was to become the last squat in Covent Garden. A Victorian tenement hell hole with guards on the door and no running water or electricity inside. It was home to scores of desperate homeless people, junkies, alcoholics, teenage runaways, beggars and thieves.

That year produced a unique record of down and outs in the centre of London. Dramatic images that captured a life in London that is alien to most. At the time Bob was described by the author Paul Gallico as a modern day Hogarth. His images are now fast becoming collectors’ items.

For the first time a small number of original photographic wet/bromide prints will be available. The prints were made by photographic technician Ron Taylor in a Fleet Street darkroom in London 1972. The un-retouched prints have been boxed and stored in Bob’s attic for the last 47 years.

Prints are presented in museum standard mounts and glass when framed by us. Covent Garden 1972

The 122 page book, An Englishman's Castle' Covent Garden 1972, comes free with every print sold.

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